Friday, May 5, 2017

Busy Spring

After a very wet winter, we are now hard at work in the garden.
All of the boxes are being used this year, and most have their
summer plants in.  After a week of unseasonably warm
weather, the plants have jumped out of the ground.  Now
that it is a little cooler, the plants can catch their breath and
settle in a bit.  All of the boxes are more productive than they
were in the past as we have add compost and become more used to
container gardening.  We are looking forward to another
bumper crop year.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Work Day

It has been warm this spring and everyone is ready to get their gardens started.  Several of us gathered to clean out boxes, pick up trash, and chop up debris to get the compost going.  We had a very good turn-out, so got a lot accomplished.  There are several new people in the garden, so it was nice to get to meet them.  Because we have had so little rain again this year, it is hard to get the clippings to compost on their own, but we will try to get some made.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Early Spring in the Garden

All this warm weather has gotten us thinking about starting seeds, checking out plants, and planning for our summer gardens.  That means it's time to prepare our beds for spring planting.  We have already been cleaning out our boxes from our fall and winter gardens and trying to check the weeds before they can get a start.
Those of us who planted winter gardens has wonderful success.  We got some really good rain in December, and also got 1 1/2 inches a week or so ago, but would certainly like to see more.  All that rain soaks deeply into the soil in our boxes so that new plants will have moisture deep down at their roots.  Those who have artichokes are seeing them flourish in this weather.
Now is a good time to plant peas, such as sugar snap and pea pods for stir fry.  Its also a good time to get lettuce going, as well as carrots, beets, and of course spinach and chard.  I hope to get out this weekend to get my early spring veggies started.